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Welcome to the Silk's End Chronicles


Hello Everyone,


Welcome to the Silk's End Chronicles. Xiao Ping and Wen Hung-Lo record their first person Journals and we post them here so you can follow along on our rendition of Paizo's Pathfinder Adventure Path series: "The Jade Regent."


Xiao Ping is Aiko Kaijitsu, the younger sister of Pang Mei, Ameiko Kaijitsu. They have been hidden in China under assumed identities from an evil shadow organization bent on wiping out the last Scions of the Amatatsu. They did not even know their own names until the meeting at the bridge kicked off a series of events that led to the discovery of their joint heritage.


Ameiko is destined to rule Japan if and when they can finally arrive home with the ancient artifacts Suishen (The House Katana) and the Amatatsu Seal.


This game is set on Earth in real world China (rather than Golarian) starting in 1268. Kublai Khan and his Mongol Horde are pushing southward into the Song Empire. The Song has been putting up fierce resistance on the front lines led in part by General Dan, head of the Legendary Brotherhood. Magic exists and can be used by those clever enough to learn. Xiao Ping is a Wu Jen and works with the forces of the elements, fire being her speciality.


Xiao Ping and her unlikely band of heroes keep getting sidetracked by those in need as they try to exit China and set sail for Japan. Xiao Ping's game friends are: Dipaka, Lo, Aki, Ochir, Allegro and Cairn. Everyone else is an NPC. Several characters are very remarkable. Dipaka has taken a vow of non-violence for the entire campaign. Aki has been on a vow of silence since the first day of the game.


Silk's End is the equivalent of Sandpoint in the Pathfinder Adventure, and it is the town where Xiao Ping and Pang Mei's adoptive parents still live at the Inn of the Iron Ox. It is deep in the Song Empire and the town is relatively safe. You can find it's location on Google Earth by using the interactive map found at the bottom of the maps page. The map starts at Shimian, Ya'an, in Sichuan China. This is where Silk's End might have been in 1268. You must have Google Earth installed to use the feature. If it is not already installed, you will be prompted to do so when you click the map. 


The story began with The Brinewall Legacy by James Jacobs and has continued on through the Night of the Frozen Shadows by Greg A. Vaughan. Xiao Ping and Co. have taken Sandru's caravan east for thousands of miles all the way from Silk's End to Guangzhou and then North to Hangzhou. They went on to Beijing on the Sapporo Wind along the Grand Canal, and deep into the Gobi desert on horseback. They returned to Beijing and finally sailed to Japan.


The DM has also worked other adventure modules into the campaign such as Sons of Gruumsh by Christopher Perkins (Wen the Paladin, Xiao Ping's husband was originally one of the scion prisoners rescued from Xul-Jarak), and the Jade Magi Sewer Crawl by Chistopher Colon. Events and areas from the modules may be only loosely followed, only the DM knows for sure. Currently we just finished Pathfinder The Jade Regent book 5, Tide of Honor, by Tito Leati. We are playing the Empty Throne, by Neil Spicer.


We play the game once a month, for 8 hours or so per session. Each chapter of the Silk's End Chronicles represents one session of play.


We have posted 20 chapters so far. We try to include everything that happens for completeness, it could be edited later. There may be more quantity (combat) than quality (role-playing) in there, especially in the earlier chapters.


Xiao Ping, aka Aiko Kaijitsu, has updated the journal for the start of Session 24. Session 24 was held Saturday, July 13, 2013, and continued our exciting trek through the Empty Throne. The next game Session (25) is currently set for TBD, 2013.





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